What We Believe

The Nicene Creed



What We Believe

The Book of Common Prayer


We worship together using a liturgy (a highly participatory form of worship). Our liturgy spans 2,000 of the Christian experience, from Christianity's Jewish roots to the present day. Our music, likewise, is highly participatory and spans the history of the Christian experience. Organ and piano support our congregational singing tradition. Our worship lasts approximately an hour. There are periods of silence and time for reflection during the service, too. People of all ages can participate and are welcome to worship. That includes children! 


We are people ages 1 to 94 (yes, really!). We follow Christ together so we can thrive in our changing world. We believe science is real, evolution is real, and dinosaurs really did exist. We do not experience a conflict between faith and science, but find that science informs faith and vice-versa. We believe you can be a Christian and embrace the wonderful things that we know today. We suspend judgement on ourselves, on people of other faiths, and people without faith or spiritual traditions. (We leave judgement to God, because we're not God.) We believe the Bible must be interpreted carefully and thoughtfully. We abhor religious extremism of any kind. We believe that people of all other faiths and those with none at all have much to teach us about being better Christians in today's world. We practice our faith and religion together in order to make this world a better place. 


Resurrection is an Episcopal Church. While our worship is ancient in form, as a church we are forward-looking. People of all sexual orientations are welcome in our church and able to serve as leaders. People with different political views are welcome and able to serve as leaders. Our focus is coming together to worship God.