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A visit and a new journey

by Nathan Speck-Ewer on May 16, 2018

Dear Resurrection Church brothers and sisters in Christ,

I left church on Sunday with a deep and utter gratitude for what we are creating together to God’s glory.  A strong community, "on the leading edge of vitality in the diocese" as Bishop Smith said on Sunday during his visitation...  Resurrection is in a season of spiritual growth: confirmation, receptions, and reaffirmations on Sunday moved us forward in faith. People are stepping forward to take on new roles, serving God and others.  There an excitement here now that is contagious and powerful.  The bishop’s visit was extraordinary and shows us how far we’ve come, and how far we are being equipped by God to go forward!

In his sermon, Bishop Smith encouraged us to pray for each other and for our church.  I’m personally taking this challenge on by praying daily for us, for each other, and the community we are becoming.  On this note, I encourage you to come to Evening Prayer tonight at 7pm--and bring a friend!  As announced on Sunday, Karl will be leading prayer each Wednesday night at 7pm.  It’s a way mid-week for us to recall the blessings of life, our purpose, and to praise amid our busyness (and pray for others, too!).  

I’m excited to share that our grand piano, which has been out of service, will be restored!  We have received a generous donation to restore it’s use in worship and other special events.  This week, too, we are planting 4 trees in front of the church as part of a new master landscape plan.  Also, men... keep your eyes peeled for the start of a new men’s ministry, gathering us at regular times throughout the year.  

What a visit by the Bishop on Sunday...

What a spiritual journey we are on together!...

God bless you and your week,    

Fr. Nathan


The Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer




Resurrection Episcopal Church

Largo, FL


office: 727-586-6968