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Finding our way

by Nathan Speck-Ewer on June 07, 2018

Dear Resurrection Church members and friends,

I’m delighted that soon--on Sunday June 24th from 11am to 5pm--we’ll be reaching out to share the gospel at the Pride Festival in St. Petersburg.  To share the gospel of Jesus Christ is first to be a presence.  And likewise we’ll show up as a presence at the festival.  Sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ is also about listening and making space for others.  We’ll show up, listen, care, and build relationships.  Outreach and evangelism is thus not some mysterious thing, or a sales trick, but simply an act of care of others done through building relationships.  To this end please sign up to join in helping us be there in presence and spirit.  (You can sign up for a time between 11am and 5pm on Sunday, June 24th.  Please email either me or Karl with a time that works for you!)

This is how we find our way: we reach out and help people.  We may be small, but our calling as to the kind of community we are and can be is clear.  Together we are restoring people to unity with God--our calling--in the ways that are natural to who we are.  My prayer is that we can celebrate our great work together through transformed lives.  A hard and challenging question to ask ourselves, but one worth asking: if transformation is not happening in the lives of those who attend and join Resurrection, what are we missing?  Another hard and related question... If Resurrection Episcopal Church were to disappear from the larger community tomorrow, what would be missed?

Finding our way together means living into these questions...not just for our own benefit, but to touch the lives of others with the love of God in Jesus Christ.  Together my prayer is that your life today will be marked by God’s transforming love in ways that surprise you!

with love,

Fr. Nathan 


The Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer




Resurrection Episcopal Church

Largo, FL


office: 727-586-6968