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Our Music and Worship of God

by Nathan Speck-Ewer on December 14, 2018

Dear Episcopal Church members and friends of Resurrection,


Exciting news!  Thanks to your generous giving and according to our commitment to reconcile people with God and each other in Christ (our mission) we have engaged “Sweet Company Trio” to lead our worship singing at worship services annually from Labor Day through Memorial Day.  The singers of “Sweet Company Trio,” a local a cappella trio group, will provide sacred hymn leadership for hymns and service music, a cappella pieces that they alone will provide, and form the section leadership needed for any choir members who present themselves (rehearsals for which will be on Sundays at 8:15am beginning in the new year).  They will not take the place of Mae Charlot’s solos and performances with Louise nor will it add more time to Louise’s role as our organist. The engagement of “Sweet Company” simply adds a new and welcome dimension to our worship and music ministry to God. More information about our singers and “Sweet Company” will be forthcoming. Two of the singers will begin on the first Sunday of January (Epiphany Sunday) followed by the last member of the trio in later January once she has finished a commitment elsewhere.


“[S/]He who sings prays twice” is very true--there is a spirituality to singing, and we sing better together when we have leadership.  I saw first-hand a couple of weeks ago with our guest singers that having called singers to lead our singing changed the feel and tone of our worship of God.  Feedback I received afterwards included the observation that we felt more free to sing louder, with more gusto, and with deeper inspiration. Personally, I felt more inspired in my worship and in my preaching thanks to the singing leadership provided.  I feel closer to God through singing. I like what John Wesley says in his “Directions for Singing:”

“Sing all… Sing lustily and with good courage… Sing in time… Above all, sing spiritually. Have an eye to God in every word you sing… So shall your singing be such as the Lord will approve here, and reward you when he cometh in the clouds of heaven.”

It takes leadership to make this happen. And with the new year coming soon, I am excited for the ways in which our music ministry will grow thanks to the addition of the members of “Sweet Company.”  Thanks again to you, a generous church, whose giving makes such development of ministry possible not only for ourselves but for others.


I look forward to seeing you this Sunday for Advent 3.  And please share the word of our Christmas Eve service at 7pm on Monday, December 24th.  And please continue in prayer for Marj Lewis, Gail and Sal Gregorio, Jacques Pare, and Rick Logsdon--all of whom appreciate our prayers and support.


With love,


Fr. Nathan


The Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer




Resurrection Episcopal Church

Largo, FL


office: 727-586-6968