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Roll Call, Here!

by Nathan Speck-Ewer on August 16, 2018

Dear Resurrection and friends,

Each class period begins at my school with taking roll: "here!" You’ll remember this perhaps from your own school days.  And it affirms an old truth that we can’t begin together until we are together.  There is no shortcut to presence.  

In the same way (and though we do not take roll!) our presence in worship together strengthens us.  At the heart of worship is our service to God. At our best as creatures of God we acknowledge it, taking time each week at the beginning to put our lives in proper order.  And yet while this service (worship) is to God, it’s presence in our lives changes us.  Week in and week out, through participation with others (remember: liturgy in Greek means ’work of the people") and we are changed and so our others because of our presence.  After all, it’s more encouraging to sing with others around us, and share in the liturgy with others.  "Where two or three are gathered together in my name," said Jesus, "there am I in midst of them."

This Sunday let’s dare to come with this historic understanding of worship in mind: our presence in service to God, and the presence of worship in our lives likewise enriching our lives (not to mention the fellowship afterwards!).  Sunday School begins this Sunday in the parish hall at 9:15 for children up to age 12, and our program of Bible Study for ages 12 and older is offered after worship from 10:45 to 11:30.  I look forward to seeing you this Sunday in service of God!



Fr. Nathan  

The Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer




Resurrection Episcopal Church

Largo, FL


office: 727-586-6968