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The leading edge of vitality

by Nathan Speck-Ewer on May 24, 2018

Wednesday evening prayer at 7pm, Trinity Sunday this Sunday at 9:15 am, and your prayers at all times!

Dear Resurrection members and friends,


This Sunday we celebrate Trinity Sunday--a Sunday that basks fully in the mysterious paradox of God.  In my sermon I’ll share a little of how I understand the Trinity--two analogies, in fact--that have helped me make sense of that which it took the early Church centuries to discern.  Trying to describe the nature of God borders on being foolish! And yet what is theology but the attempt to make sense of something that we cannot fully grasp? Come and see and experience worship as well as  fellowship afterwards. And invite a friend or family member! Our church is growing--thanks to you who are inviting friends and family!


As we head into this last week of May, summer has almost arrived. Soon children will be out school, if they aren’t already.  Our diocesan summer camp has wonderful week long programs for children in elementary through high school. If you have a child or know of someone’s child who does not yet have plans, please contact me for details.  Our diocesan summer camp has experienced a renaissance over the past couple of years, and kids who are here in the summer rave about it.


In your prayers, in remembering what the Bishop said the other week during his visit, please pray for our church and our community.  I invite you to join me to pray and give thanks for our leaders and new leaders stepping forward: on Bishop’s Committee, altar guild, in worship, and service and outreach to the community.  Pray for our new Wednesday night service to God; and join in tonight at 7pm at the church if you can!  Together we are building a community that is at once beautiful and purposeful, centered fully on a mission of restoring all people to unity to God and each other in Christ.  That’s why we’re here, and that’s why we do what we do--on Sundays, and in the days between!


With love,


Fr. Nathan


The Rev. Nathan Speck-Ewer




Resurrection Episcopal Church

Largo, FL


office: 727-586-6968

Tags: service, trinity, worship